Originele Fujitsu Lifebook U747 Serie Adapter Oplader 90W
  • Originele Fujitsu Lifebook U747 Serie Adapter Oplader 90W
  • Originele Fujitsu Lifebook U747 Serie Adapter Oplader 90W

Originele Fujitsu Lifebook U747 Serie Adapter Oplader 90W

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  • 12 reviews
€36.00  €28.00

Onze belofte:

Geen belasting;

Gemakkelijke terugkeer;

1 jaar garantie;

Dezelfde dag verzending;

30 dagen teruggaveperiode;

7 * 24 uur online-service.

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Product informatie
  • Input:100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19V-4.74A-90W
  • Connector: 5.5mm / 2.5mm
  • Kleur: Zwart
  • Conditie: nieuw,Originele
  • Garantie: 12 maanden garantie en 30 dagen geld terug
Pakket inbegrepen:
  • 1 x Fujitsu Adapter
  • 1 x EU-PLUG Kabel
Compatibel model:
  • FSP:811002730 Fujitsu, FIU:12-01852-02 Fujitsu, FSP:811002425 Fujitsu, FSP:811002431 Fujitsu, FSP:811002729 Fujitsu, FSP:811002731 Fujitsu, FIU:12-01936-02 Fujitsu, FSP:811002430 Fujitsu, FUJ:CA01007-0930 Fujitsu, UWL:76-01A90F-5A Fujitsu, FUJ:CP214450-XX Fujitsu, UWL:76-01A9DF-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76G01B90R-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76-01B9DF-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76-01B900-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76G01B9DF-5B Fujitsu, UWL:76G01F90F-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76G01090F-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76G01F90R-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76-010901-20 Fujitsu, UWL:76G01A90F-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76G01190F-5AFS Fujitsu, UWL:76G01B9DF-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76-01A900-5A Fujitsu, UWL:76-01B901-5A Fujitsu, WTS:25.10173.071 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10184.001 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10192.001 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10175.021 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10180.011 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10068.181 Fujitsu, 7040740000 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10204.001 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10173.031 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10184.011 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10175.011 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10212.001 Fujitsu, 88037835 Fujitsu, 34050282 Fujitsu, 34049488 Fujitsu, CP531940-01 Fujitsu, 34045005 Fujitsu, A13-A090P2A Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531943-XX Fujitsu, A090A070L Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531940-XX Fujitsu, AC-A13-A090P2A Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531953-XX Fujitsu, AC-A13-090P2A Fujitsu, 34013781 Fujitsu, 34044719 Fujitsu, FPCAC166 Fujitsu, 0713C2090 Fujitsu, 34049489 Fujitsu, FMV-AC343A Fujitsu, 34012760 Fujitsu, FUJ:AC-A13-090P2A-VI Fujitsu, 6032B0025301 Fujitsu, FIU:12-01936-08 Fujitsu, ADP-90SB AD Fujitsu, 38006314 Fujitsu, IVF:6032B0025201 Fujitsu, S26113-E518-V55 Fujitsu, 34025279 Fujitsu, S26113-E533-V15 Fujitsu, 12-02140-03 Fujitsu, IVF:6032B0017001 Fujitsu, 38007576 Fujitsu, S26113-E533-V55-02 Fujitsu, 25.10173.071 Fujitsu, 12-01936-08 Fujitsu, 38004073 Fujitsu, S26113-E533-V15-02 Fujitsu, FIU:12-02140-03 Fujitsu, IVF:6032B0018601 Fujitsu, WTS:25.10173.041 Fujitsu, IVF:6032B0025301 Fujitsu, S26113-E518-V75 Fujitsu, S26113-E533-V55-03 Fujitsu, S26391-F1316-L509 Fujitsu, S26391-F1356-L520 Fujitsu, FUJ:AC-A13-090P2A Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531954-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531950-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531944-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531951-XX Fujitsu, FUJ:CP531941-XX Fujitsu,
Recensie 1 tot 6 (van 12 recensies)
By: Keania Hall Date Added: 23/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Had to buy this because the battery that originally came with my computer finally died on me and wouldn't stay charged more than an hour or two, hence the replacement.The battery stays charged almost all day, even when I put it on sleep mood for a day at a time. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good, durable battery for their up laptop.
By: Frobisher Date Added: 23/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Het is een prima accu voor een goede prijs, de afhandeling werkt goed
By: Kirk Mook Date Added: 17/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
The cables are long so I can always reach an outlet. Price was reasonable and the quality seems to be good. I do highly recommend this power supply.
By: Robert Date Added: 13/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Oplader werkt perfect.De adapter is even goed als de originele Apple Netspanningsadapter.
By: Roger Valdez Date Added: 09/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
An excellent battery at a good price. This is a higher capacity than the factory battery.
By: Chris Date Added: 08/10/2019 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
This charger was exactly what I needed and it fit perfectly and it was a decent price and arrived quickly!! Thank you so much!!
Recensie 1 tot 6 (van 12 recensies)
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